Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Impact of Enterprise Mobility Solutions on your Business

The benefits of Business Mobility extend to workforce, shareholders, and customers. Business Mobility adds unparalleled value to your business by saving both time and money. Enterprise Mobility Solutions let your workforce have a working freedom that substantially increases work satisfaction among staff member which in turn plays a significant role in increasing their productivity at work. With Mobility Solutions, remote-access to all data and resources has become easier. The around-the-clock access to data enables employees to work anywhere at any time which ensures improved engagement and more productivity. In business organizations, smooth communication channels that provide a steady and uninterrupted flow of ideas are fundamentally important. Enterprise

Mobility Solutions help you make sure that there are no communication gaps between employees so that they can easily collaborate on different projects. These solutions help companies get rid of time-honored methods like excessive paperwork by digitalizing the flow of data and information. These solutions help you store data with location and time stamps that guarantee data security. These solutions incorporate high digital scrutiny programs and protection tools like passwords, encryption or remote-wipe technology, and black-list and white-list apps to reduce the risk of data breaches and ensure data security. The fear of data vulnerability often pops up but, there is absolutely nothing to fret about as Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) tools are embedded in our Mobility Solutions.

With Business Mobility Solutions, your employees can work remotely with full access to company’s data and information. Enterprise Mobility Solutions facilitate both remote sharing of information and remote access to data. Business Mobility has put an end to the 9-to-5 working cycle and has dramatically altered the organizational working culture. KODEX provides a conglomerate of Enterprise Mobility Solutions to meet all telework and remote-work needs. Now, your employees do not have to be stuck in the four walls of the office to complete their projects. Your personnel can work from anywhere at any time. They no longer have to be dependent on office gadgets. From Corporate Business Solutions to Utility Apps, we provide all types of Business Mobility Solutions. We utterly apprehend the requirement of working-flexibility needed by employees to work efficiently

and therefore, offer all Enterprise Mobility Solutions. Our Business Solutions incorporate eCommerce solutions, POP solutions, Utility App solutions, Delivery solutions, FinTech solutions, Social Media management solutions, and corporate business solutions. Our Enterprise Mobility Solutions help you become highly self-sufficient in satisfying your working needs. The solutions that KODEX offers a wide range of problems concerning remote-working by enabling remote collaboration on different projects, video and audio virtual conferences, and data back-ups. These solutions do not merely let your personnel work outside the office but, also enable corporate data mobility. If you want to create a flexible working culture in your organization, you need to employ this “Bring Your Own Device” strategy that has become a de rigueur practice in the business world.

Our Development Process


App Consultation

In this step, we familiarize ourselves of your objectives, vision, and needs.


App Design and Development

In accordance with your requirements, we diligently work to create a flawless visual architecture and a smooth-running cross-platform application compatible with both i-OS and Android.


App Integration

In this step, we integrate the enterprise mobile app with current business systems to ensure effective results.



Repeated tests are performed to detect any malware or defects in the application. It is delivered after being thoroughly examined.