IT Consultancy

Problems related to the use of Information Technology in various companies are quite prevalent these days. Information Technology plays a fundamental role when it comes to solving complex problems within an organization. In today’s digital world, Information Technology has become a critical part of an organization’s infrastructure. From mega corporations to small and medium sized organizations, every company depends on Information Technology for nearly all its business processes. Therefore, every company should receive the guidance to make the best use of Information Technology. We deeply scrutinize your IT infrastructure and thoroughly study the problems you are subjected to and help you achieve your business objectives by advising you in the best possible way. Our team comprises of highly competent and proficient IT consultants who exert themselves to provide you with custom-tailored IT consulting that will help you maximize the technologies at your disposal. Our IT mavens give comprehensive and objective advice specifically tailored to meet your organization’s unique requirements. KODEX IT services encompass all necessary areas related to IT. We provide the following Information Technology Consultancy services

Our Consultancies


IT Strategy Consulting

In order to create maximum long-term stakeholder value, an excellent Information Technology Strategy is required. Your IT Strategy greatly determines your organization’s success. A good IT strategy ascertains long-term business value. Our IT consultants help you devise an IT strategy tailored to address your distinct technological problems from resources management to corporate and business strategies formulation. We, at KODEX help you draw up an IT action plan that will create long-term shareholder value and will make your profits snowball over time. Our consultants are very attentive to even minor details and take every single problem into account before putting together a strategy. Our advisors provide custom-tailored advice that will help you align your company’s IT Capability with your unique business requirements


Technology Consulting

We acknowledge the fact that every company does not have a separate technological division and managers usually end up in messy how-do-you-do situations when it comes to technology management as it is not their forte. Therefore, we provide custom-tailored Technology Consulting services. Oftentimes, companies have hundreds of dollars of equipment at their disposal yet they don’t know how to make the best use of that technology. Our Technology consultants have the expertise and knowledge to give solutions to all your technology-related problems. Technology is ruling the world right now and it is that one thing if used accurately can make your business flourish in the marketplace. Our consultants do a comprehensive and multifaceted study of your technological infrastructure and apprise you of all existing problems and their solutions.


Payment Solutions Consulting

KODEX consultants specialize in Financial Technology management and can provide you with valuable Payment Solutions advice that will help you with both online sales and retail transactions. From Mobile-Banking to Point-of-Sale solutions, our Payments Solutions Consultancy comprehend all vital solutions. Our consultants thoroughly review your payments infrastructure and apprise you of the necessary changes that ought to be made. Our Payment Solutions Consultants take all niceties, subtleties, and technicalities in account before drafting a solution plan. We take all small details into account however trivial they may seem before advising you on anything.


Solution Consulting

After recognizing your organization’s needs, we come up with custom solutions that help you make wise decisions for your business. Our IT Solution Consulting is primarily aimed at ensuring an impeccable User Experience and User Adoption that in turn promises the maximization of Return On Investment. By working on the concept, architecture, and implementation of solutions, we help you integrate all those solutions to your current IT infrastructure.