Web Development

The Impact of a User-Friendly Website on your Business

Whether you are an entrepreneur or not, this is for certain that a good Web Traffic is a desideratum for you. If you aspire to go forward in this ultra-competitive business world, you need a comprehensive and captivating website that will hook your customer utterly. Today, everybody turns to the internet to find solutions to their problems, to find things they need, and to buy things they want. A user-friendly and nice-looking website has become a prerequisite today. With the evolution of e-commerce, every business is being digitalized and your business won’t make headway if you refuse to digitalize your business. Having a website doesn’t merely make your sales skyrocket but also plays a substantial role in increasing your credibility. From e-sales to brick-and-mortar sales, everything starts to snowball once you have a customer-friendly website. A good website lets you engage your customer thoroughly. It keeps your customer well-informed and provides you a medium to demonstrate your work exquisitely. With a website, you can improve your customer-service to an impressive extent and let your customers have an amiable experience when they contact you. The best part is that it’s going to save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Web Application Development

We, at KODEX, offer a multitude of Web Development services employing a conglomerate of developmental tools and techniques. From the development of plain flat Web pages to dynamic Web pages, we render all Web Developmental services efficiently. Our resource people exert themselves to give an immaculate virtual structure to your Website by employing markup languages like HTML5 coupled with Cascading Style Sheet that presents all the structured documents that the Website incorporates in a well-ordered and uncluttered way. This ensures the perfect presentation of your Web layouts. Our Web Development wizards use Responsive Web Design approach and employ Web frameworks

like Bootstrap that helps remove many knots and tangles from the development of Web pages that incorporate instructional content. We use all tools cardinal to the smooth development of a user-friendly website including programming languages like JavaScript and Python that are highly effective in the landscape of Web Development. Our Web Development cognoscenti use open-source Web frameworks like ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, and Angular. We give your website an utterly customized interface by employing Node.js and PHP for Server-Side Scripting. Furthermore, we use database management programs like MongoDB,Microsoft SQL Server, SQ Lite, and Oracle Database and MySQL for back-end development.

Our Development Process

Our Web Developers work industriously to ensure a smooth developmental process. We take all sorts of primary and secondary information into account while building your website. We follow a consistent developmental process regardless of the size and scope of the project. Our Web Developmental Process is predominantly based on 6 cardinal steps


Information Assembly

We believe this is the most crucial step in the development of website as it provides a definite direction to the entire developmental cycle. We create an information chart based on the information we receive from you and come up with a best project management strategy. We take everything into consideration including your target audience, goals, nature of your website and so forth. This provides a sense of clarity that ensures a smooth developmental process.



The assembled information informs our developers of what exactly is required by the client and based on that information, our developers come up with a systemic and coherent sitemap that manifests the final structure of your website. This step also encompasses the creation of a wire-frame that basically tells how your website will be visually demonstrated.



We reckon with all the previously gathered information and give a visual layout to your website. Page layouts are created in accordance with your target demographic and nature of your website. In this step, we work on visual structures, colors, content-display and so forth.



This particular step requires great diligence and this is why our alpha geeks exert themselves to make sure development is carried out efficiently. This step includes running codes to build your website. We use best frameworks to perform coding functions. All website pages are coded in accordance with the previously-made website hierarchical structure.



From script to codes to typography to design, everything is rechecked in this step in order to make sure there are no imperfections. We perform multitudinous screen tests to ensure a good running-speed and cross-browser compatibility.



We offer post-developmental services to make sure there is no inconvenience. We take account of the problems end-users are subjected to and make needful changes accordingly.